Chip Resistors

YAGEO is one of the largest global suppliers of chip resistors and serves various applications in major market segments, including automotive, industrial, alternative energy, and consumer electronics. YAGEO provides a complete range chip resistors, covering automotive-grade metal current sensors, precision thin film, surge, sulfur-resistant, high power, high voltage, arrays, miniature types 01005 and 0075, and more.

With the largest number of components in a circuit board, chip resistors can determine end product performance and reliability. YAGEO's superior quality system and state-of-the-art manufacturing technology ensure resistors fully meet all requirements. Customers can benefit from our robust product quality as well as our innovative services.




Driven by the infinite desire for electronic devices to be more compact and reliable, MLCCs have become one of the most developed and highly competitive capacitors segments in the market.

As a major MLCC provider, YAGEO continues to allocate R&D resources to product development, manufacturing refinement, and quality assurance.

YAGEO is dedicated to offering a comprehensive MLCC product portfolio for diverse applications, including consumer electronics, industrial and heavy duty machinery, and automotive electronics systems.

Our MLCC line-up includes general purpose, ultra small size, high voltage, soft termination, high Q for high frequency communication, high reliability for automotive use, low inductance, and others.



Through Hole Resistors

For decades, YAGEO has been one of the major market providers of through-hole resistors. Product technologies cover film resistors (metal, metal oxide, carbon, and metal glazed film), wirewound (general purpose, fusible safety, non-inductive, and power wirewound), and shunt (metal plate and alloy wire).

Resistors are available in compact size, precision, high voltage, safety, ultra low resistance, and extreme high power rating to meet all applications, from consumer electronics to computers, alternative energy, telecommunications, and industrial. With state-of-art manufacturing technology and a wide range of specifications, YAGEO is committed to providing total solutions for superior product quality and reliability with the most comprehensive value added services.



Circuit Protection Components

YAGEO offers complete circuit protection solutions including overvoltage protection components TVS, MOV, GDT, SPG, ESD, TSS, and overcurrent protection components PPTC and NTC. TVS, MOV, and ESD products have precise voltage clamping capability. They can constrain the voltage in a permissible level to prevent circuit damage by conducting significant current to ground. GDT, SPG, and TSS products work as a switch. The switch can be turned on to conduct trainsient abnormal current to ground. PPTC and NTC are resistors whose resistances are dependent on temperature. The resistances of PPTC and NTC can be changed along with temperature to protect circuit. YAGEO circuit protection products are used in all kinds of applications including Automotive, Industrial, Power supplies, Telecommunications, Consumer electronics.  




YAGEO XSemi semiconductor series of Power MOSFETs (Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistors) feature low on-resistance and high switching speed, and are widely used in almost all electrical and electronic systems. Building on a track record of shipping billions of devices, YAGEO offers a broad portfolio of low, medium and high voltage MOSFETs to serve the needs of customers for highly efficient and compact solutions.


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