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As the world main MLCC supplier, YAGEO is pleased to bring you automotive grade MLCC. Compared to general purpose MLCCs, automotive grade MLCCs are qualified with AEC-Q200 criteria to make sure its reliability. This category includes AC, AS, AQ, AC Array, AC HiCapAC HiTemp and AC X5R/X6S series.


AC Array

Automotive MLCC Array
  • AEC-Q200 qualified
  • Board space saving
  • Time-saving mounting process
  • Reduction in number of solder joints
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Max Temp.
Cap. Min.
Cap. Max.
0508 NPO 50V 125℃ 10pF 100pF
0612 NPO 50V 125℃ 10pF 470pF
0508 X7R 16V 125℃ 1.0nF 100nF
0508 X7R 25V 125℃ 1.0nF 10nF
0508 X7R 50V 125℃ 1.0nF 1.0nF
0612 X7R 16V 125℃ 1.0nF 47nF
0612 X7R 25V 125℃ 1.0nF 47nF
0612 X7R 50V 125℃ 1.0nF 10nF
※ Reminder: In case you need to dispose of this product for EOL or other reasons, please follow local disposal policy.
※ YAGEO Corporation and its affiliates do not recommend the use of commercial or automotive grade products for high reliability applications or manned space flight. Disclaimer