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As the world main MLCC supplier, YAGEO is pleased to bring you safety grade MLCC, YAGEO now offers X1/Y2 and X2 MLCC with both NPO and X7R TCC, all SC series are UL and TUV certified. Besides the ST series (with soft termination) provides extra benefit to have good performance under board flex.


※ Sample is available by request, starting from July 2024



Safety Capacitor
  • To be generally used at power inlets
  • To filter electromagnetic interference (EMI)
  • To protect equipment from damage caused by voltage spikes, lightning, etc
  • To protect machine users from electric shock
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Max Temp.
Cap. Min.
Cap. Max.
Series Datasheet
1808 NPO X1/Y2 125℃ 10pF 330pF
1808 X7R X1/Y2 125℃ 100pF 1nF
2211 X7R X1/Y2 125℃ 100pF 2.7nF
2220 X7R X1/Y2 125℃ 100pF 4.7nF
2220 X7R X2 125℃ 10nF 56nF
※ Reminder: In case you need to dispose of this product for EOL or other reasons, please follow local disposal policy.
※ YAGEO Corporation and its affiliates do not recommend the use of commercial or automotive grade products for high reliability applications or manned space flight. Disclaimer