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Low Inductance

YAGEO's low inductance MLCC effectively suppresses HF noise and reduces ripple voltage on DC lines. The special reverse design improve the ESL of capacitor that become necessay feature for application in IC package.



Low Inductance Cap.
  • Low ESL capacitor with reversed LW
  • For high frequency decoupling applications
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Max Temp.
Cap. Min.
Cap. Max.
0204 X5R 10V 85℃ 10nF 100nF
0306 X5R 10V 85℃ 10nF 220nF
0508 X5R 10V 85℃ 100nF 1.0uF
0508 X5R 16V 85℃ 100nF 220nF
0508 X5R 25V 85℃ 10nF 100nF
0612 X5R 16V 85℃ 220nF 1.0uF
0612 X5R 25V 85℃ 100nF 1.0uF
0612 X5R 50V 85℃ 10nF 470nF
0306 X7R 10V 125℃ 10nF 220nF
0508 X7R 10V 125℃ 100nF 1.0uF
0508 X7R 16V 125℃ 100nF 220nF
0508 X7R 25V 125℃ 10nF 100nF
0612 X7R 16V 125℃ 220nF 1.0uF
0612 X7R 25V 125℃ 100nF 1.0uF
0612 X7R 50V 125℃ 10nF 470nF
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