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Safety resistors are available in fusible safety, anti-explosion-, anti-fire and arc-proof.
The FKN and FAE series meet UL1412 safety requirements.



Wirewound resistors, fusible & anti-explosion
  • UL1412 qualified
  • Safety, anti-explosion
  • Fusible function, overload cut off
  • Fusing time <60S for 25 times rated power
  • Excellent surge requirement
  • Flameproof silicone-coated
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Power (W)
Min. Tol(%)
Min.TCR (ppm/°C)
Res. Min.Ω
Res. Max.Ω
1/2 ±1% Base on Spec. 3.3R 100R
1 ±1% Base on Spec. 3.3R 100R
2 ±1% Base on Spec. 3.3R 100R
3 ±1% Base on Spec. 3.3R 100R
4 ±1% Base on Spec. 3.3R 100R
5 ±1% Base on Spec. 3.3R 100R
※ Reminder: In case you need to dispose of this product for EOL or other reasons, please follow local disposal policy.
※ YAGEO Corporation and its affiliates do not recommend the use of commercial or automotive grade products for high reliability applications or manned space flight. Disclaimer