YAGEO Group Unveils the Innovative Low-Profile SMA6L TVS Diodes for Cutting-Edge Electronics


YAGEO Group, a global leader in passive components, today announced the launch of its groundbreaking low-profile SMA6L series Transient Voltage Suppressor (TVS) diodes. This new addition to YAGEO’s comprehensive protection solutions portfolio is engineered to meet the advanced needs of micro-designs in networking, home appliances, and industrial control systems.

The sleek SMA6L series, housed in the compact DO-221AC package, boasts a remarkable 50% reduction in thickness, achieving an ultra-slim profile of less than 1.4mm. It is specifically crafted for applications where space-saving is paramount without compromising on power. With its robust power rating of 600W, the SMA6L series steps up to the challenge of providing superior surge protection in a compact form factor.

This series is designed to support working voltages ranging from 5V to 250V, catering to a versatile array of devices. The low-profile design paired with the increased power handling capability makes the SMA6L series an ideal choice for designers looking to innovate without limitations. With the new TVS diodes, designers no longer have to choose between space-saving and power. This product is set to revolutionize protection in micro-sized designs.


The SMA6L series, seamlessly compatible with the industry-standard SMA(DO-214AC) footprint, seamlessly integrates into a diverse range of applications, offering exceptional versatility. This groundbreaking solution revolutionizes electronics design, catering to space-constrained applications where performance remains paramount.


For more information about the SMA6L TVS diodes, please visit Product Page or contact YAGEO Group’s Sales Representative.