YAGEO Launches High-Power SMA 600W & SMB 1500W TVS Diodes


As electric vehicles and 5G technology advance rapidly, complex electronic systems require reliable protective components for smooth operation. YAGEO Group has launched two high-power transient voltage suppressor diodes, the TVS - SMAJ-HP6AT and 1.5SMBJ-AT series, providing outstanding overvoltage protection along with high power and reliability.

The SMAJ-HP6AT series, using the SMA package, offers 600W high-power performance, 1.5 times higher than the industry standard of 400W. The 1.5SMBJ-AT series provides a 1500W high-power performance, twice as much as the industry standard of 600W. Under the same SMA or SMB packaging conditions, these diodes assist designers in applying high-power components within limited space. Both SMAJ-HP6AT and 1.5SMBJ-AT series meet the AEC-Q101 standard, making them suitable for high-reliability applications in harsh environments, such as electric vehicles.

The newly launched TVS diode series has a broad range of applications, especially with the increasing overvoltage protection needs arising from advancements in modern electronic device technology.


Firstly, the 48V input/12V output DC/DC CONVERTER, commonly used in automotive and industrial applications, requires significant overvoltage protection due to its high efficiency and conversion rate. The high power and rapid response of the SMAJ-HP6AT and 1.5SMBJ-AT series make them an ideal choice for such applications.


Next, for LED lighting equipment applications, the LED driver's 12V input port requires a stable power input and must resist potential voltage spikes or surges. Using the SMAJ-HP6AT and 1.5SMBJ-AT series ensures the stable operation of LED drivers and extends their lifespan.


The SMAJ-HP6AT and 1.5SMBJ-AT series find applications in various fields, from industrial to automotive, and from lighting to communication. Their outstanding characteristics make these new TVS diode series the optimal choice.