YAGEO Dashe plant obtained highest UL2799 certificate - Platinum Rating For Zero Waste To Landfill


YAGEO has been responding to the global carbon reduction and net zero action, we are pleased to announce this is the 4th year Dashe plant achieved the highest level of UL 2799 certification – platinum rating for zero waste to landfill. The plant has achieved zero waste to landfill with a 100% diversion rate.

The UL 2799 citification is the highest standard that focus on the diversion rate in landfill waste, meaning the waste that originally used to be buried is converted into other combustion energy, composted, or even reused as renewable materials. UL 2799 requires at least 90% of waste to be converted through any methods other than incineration to achieve the zero waste to landfill target. Moreover, the highest platinum rating requires not only 100% diversion rate to landfill, but also less than 10% of incineration rate is required.

Dashe plant implemented several projects and successfully increased our diversion rate towards 100%, and the incineration rate is controlled at 9%, which are in line with UL 2799 highest standard and have obtained platinum rating for 4 consecutive years.


YAGEO has always been considering environmental-friendly and sustainable topics, which the efforts can be considered both internal and external. Internally, we continue to promote raw material and waste reduction and recycling projects, (such as solvent usage best practice, packaging reuse and recycle), replacement of low energy-efficiency equipment, production process improvement and implementation of green procurement plans; Externally, we adopted several projects to improve our surrounding community and environment, such as adoption of street tree planting plans and green spaces in local elementary school campuses.

To learn more about this certificate, please click: UL2799 Certificate