METAVERSE is coming! Film Flex Assembled Actuators can help!


METAVERSE is coming! 

YAGEO Group exhibited at the ACTUATOR Conference 2022 held in the Congress Center Rosengarten, Mannheim, Germany, from June 29-30. Our team showcased the next-generation film flexible actuators that are best suited for products in contact with hands, fingers, and face. This will be the best support for the new generation to explore the amazing moment of metaverse via the mimic of environment touch.

With the famous KEMET brand which is part of the YAGEO Group, we are honored to be part of the evolution.

Check out the features of KEMET Haptic Actuator below or visit the product page to find more!

【Film Flex Assembled Actuators】

KEMET Haptic Modules are revolutionary, next-generation flexible haptics actuator technology with the unique ability to provide localized, bodily sensations and tactile effects currently unavailable with any other product on the market. These versatile actuators can be used in a broad range of applications including AR/VR, gaming controllers, as well as in visionary products of the future that leverage human-computer interaction. This is made possible by the thin form factor, ideal size, and flexibility of the actuators.

With these Piezoelectric Haptic Modules haptic designers can add the sense of touch to the surface of products providing:

  • Localized, independent sensations that enhance user experience,
  • Natural, organic, authentic touch sensations,
  • Programmable, customizable effects providing a unique range of sensations.

 To learn more about this product, please visit: Product Page