Yes, we have 01005 High-Frequency Grade MLCC. Check out the CQ miniature with YAGEO!


Good news for YAGEO partners and friends if you are looking for high-frequency MLCC in miniature size! While we had just expanded the 01005 commercial grade MLCC product range and capacity for X7R, X5R, and NPO to meet the demand for miniaturization of components in end electronic devices. People are also looking for the miniature size of high-frequency grade MLCC. And yes! we also released 01005 CQ series MLCC with capacitance range between 0.1pF and 15pF and rated voltage up to 25V.

Applying copper instead of nickel as inner electrodes with inhouse-design of dielectric material, YAGEO CQ series MLCCs can reach low ESR (Equivalent Serial Resistance), low ESL (Equivalent Serial Inductance), and high SRF (Self Resonant Frequency), which effectively increase the quality factor and reduce the loss and power dissipation in addition to the excellent temperature characteristics and narrow tolerance of capacitance. 

The CQ series MLCCs are typically used in applications with high frequencies from 500MHz to 20GHz, including RF modules, mobile communication, telecommunication networks, etc. With all the high-frequency applications that require miniaturized capacitors for more functionality, complexity, and portability in limited spaces, YAGEO’s 01005 CQ series becomes the best choice to meet all these requirements. In addition to material design, YAGEO spends extra efforts on processing, such as controlling the precision of the product dimension and terminal dimension. YAGEO applies novel termination technologies for 01005 MLCCs to reveal practical pick & place implementation on top of the required reliability. We will continue devoting efforts in R&D, working towards miniaturization, and providing customers with quality products and services.


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