KEMET Advances Hybrid Aluminum Polymer Capacitor Technology for Automotive and Industrial Applications


A780, PHA225, and PHH225 series offer high power density and low leakage in a compact, hybrid design

KEMET, part of the YAGEO Group and leading global supplier of electronic components, announces the launch of three hybrid aluminum polymer capacitor series: A780, PHA225, and PHH225. These AEC-Q200 qualified capacitors offer a combination of highly conductive polymer technology and liquid electrolytic material in a hybrid design, resulting in outstanding electrical performance for automotive and industrial applications.

The A780 series is KEMET’s first release of a surface mount (V-Chip) hybrid aluminum polymer capacitor. These capacitors can withstand heavy vibrations (up to 30g), meeting the stringent design requirements for automotive powertrain and industrial applications.

The PHA225 and PHH225 series with its axial and radial crown design have a hybrid construction of polymer and liquid electrolytic. This design provides extremely low and stable ESR across all temperature ranges, thus extending its operating lifetime. To learn more, visit Product Page.