KEMET Introduces High Temperature, Power DC-Link Film Capacitor for Extended Lifetime Requirements in Automotive and Green Energy Applications


Smoothing film capacitor offers high temperature and high capacitance density for EVs and green energy power electronics that require high heat resistance and safety.

KEMET, part of the YAGEO Group and leading global electronic components supplier, announces its new C4AK high temperature, power film DC-Link capacitor designed for continuous operation up to 1,000 hours at 135°C.  The C4AK series joins the C4AU (harsh environment) and C4AQ-P (125°C) family of power DC-Link film capacitors. These series offer higher capacitance density, DC voltage, and DC ripple current capabilities with an extended operational lifetime at high temperatures in harsh environments.

Ideal for use in automotive, green, and industrial applications, these metallized film capacitors are well suited for DC filtering and DC-Link in solar, fuel cells, inverters, storage energy systems, automotive (Bi) On-Board Charger, Wireless Power Transfer (WPT), DC/DC, heaters, and welding equipment.

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