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Snapshots of YAGEO day at National Cheng Kung University】

In order to draw more young talent, YAGEO Group held a "YAGEO Day" event on March 9th at National Cheng Kung University. Besides YAGEO Corporation, the event also gathered group subsidiaries including Pulse, KEMET with associated companies TONG HSING, Chilisin for local and oversea recruitment. During the day, YAGEO also held a scholarship award ceremony to exceptional students.

Starting with YAGEO CEO- David Wang, David’s keynote address on the growing trend of passive components to encourage students to join the leading group of the industry. He highlighted “Join YAGEO Group is not only helping to create an unprecedented moment for YAGEO, but also create your own epic moment”. After YAGEO became number 1 in global Chip Resistors market in 1990, YAGEO had continued its strategic planning to become worldwide number one for all passive component products. To achieve this goal, YAGEO expanded its product range from Chip Resistors to Capacitors, Inductors, Wireless components and Circuit protection through technology innovation, capacity expansion, M&A, alliance and partnership. Step by step, YAGEO Group has become one of the leading role in passive component and is still in highly growing mode.

Besides YAGEO CEO Section, Heinz Ru, CEO of TONG HSING, Alison Tung, CHRO of YAGEO Group, Bob Willoughby, head of YAGEO and KEMET Ceramic business unit, Chunk Meek, head of Tantalum business unit and Dr. Hu, head of MLCC technical marketing also share their career perspectives to the young talents. Later, all YAGEO’s cornerstones who were graduated from National Cheng Kung University also share their career life in YAGEO with their junior brothers, sisters in the school. 

In the future, besides the graduate students from National Cheng Kung University, YAGEO will recruit the students who join the Co-op projects planned by YAGEO and National Cheng Kung University together in priority.



In the second half of 2021, there will be a passive component special class for PhD students at National Cheng Kung University. With the knowledge exchange between industry and academic, it will be able to strengthen talent cultivation and human capacity through a series of internship opportunity, scholarship for innovation, knowledge sharing. Therefore for those students who join the project will be able to build up practical skill for the industry. In addition, we also work with National Cheng Kung University to create an academic network of ten universities in South Taiwan to extend our cooperation. Through these methods, we not only build up talents pool for YAGEO, but also create a strong power for the world industry.


In the final speech given by Dr. Huey-Jen Su, principal of National Cheng Kung University, she expressed the excitement to work with YAGEO for the collaboration between industry and school. “We are excited to start the first cooperation day with YAGEO Group. Today will become a historical day in our milestone. ”Both YAGEO and National Cheng Kung University are aiming to maintain the leading position in global industry and academic field.


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