YAGEO Advances 5G with Expanded Production of Its RC0075 Chip Resistor Miniature RC0050 Will Launch in 2021


With the growing demand of high-density circuit integration in a compact design, YAGEO Group, a leading provider of passive components, has expanded its investment in the production of miniature Chip Resistors RC0075 with 0.3mmx 0.15mm dimensions, which is smaller than its previous offering of 01005 (size 0.4mm x 0.2mm).

RC0075 series Chip Resistors are ideal for use in 5G applications such as wireless communication modules and multi-function mobile devices. These components are compact in size which is a requirement of high density circuit boards used in 5G. Additionally, RC0075 Chip Resistors are offered with an extraordinary decrease in size of 44% compared to previous generations. The series is designed to fulfill the need for miniature, thick film chip resistors, while greatly decreasing the environmental impact through more effective use and disposal of materials used in production.

YAGEO’s advanced innovation and experience in chip resistor manufacturing, combined with breakthroughs in laser technology, make the Chip Resistor RC0075 ideal for various applications in major market segments, including automotive, industrial, alternative energy, and consumer electronics. The advantages of the miniature Chip Resistor RC0075 help engineers overcome the challenges of the dimensional accuracy of thick film resistors, including size changes during the reflow process that can limit soldering capabilities, and the consistency of high-speed pick and place systems. Additionally, these chip resistors provide high reliability, high structural integrity and stable placement yield.  


The RC series range is available in 0075, 01005, 0201 to 2512 for a variety of applications. The RC0075 is designed specifically for high density, multifunction devices such as smart phones, tablets, RF/PA mobile, memory cards and more. With the emergence of 5G, YAGEO is developing advanced capabilities and solutions. The group will continue to offer an industry leading portfolio of the most innovative passive components. An example of this commitment is the planned market launch of the next generation of compact chip resistors, with the RC0050 dimension in 2021.