Yageo Sponsored HCB-Rutronik in 2019 Macau Grand Prix


The FIA GT World Cup had just completed its final competition in Macau Grand Prix 2019.As usual, Yageo Corporation had sponsored its global distribution partner Rutronik for AUDI SPORT TEAM RUTRINIK # 31 the consecutive fourth year. As Audi Sport Team's official Audi Sport team, Kelvin van der Linde, the championship of 2014 ADAC GT Masters drove an Audi R8 LMS for HCB Rutronik in the competition.

While Kelvin showed his best performance at the start to the overall 5th position in qualification race, his performance was unfortunately stopped by a later collision which made the AUDI SPORT TEAM RUTRINIK # 31 damaged and unable to continue the qualification of the day. Even facing such inferior condition, Kelvin and our entire team had still strived to perform the best and entered the top10 in the final racing competition. 

This is just like the way of electronic components market performs, YAGEO and strategic partners always try our best to deliver satisfying solution for our customers. During the competition, it’s the memorable experience and unbeaten spirit that make the game so intriguing.


Let’s look forward to Macau Grand Prix next year!