YAGEO has completed its acquisition of Telemecanique Sensors


YAGEO Corporation (2327.TW) announced that the company has completed its acquisition of Telemecanique Sensors on November 1st, 2023. This acquisition closely follows YAGEO’s ongoing strategic focus on the premium segment and broadens the high-end “design-in” product portfolio as a premium component solution provider.


Telemecanique Sensors is a leading global specialist in the design, development, and delivery of mission-critical electromechanical and electronic sensors. It generated average annual revenue around USD 330 million in last three years, with average annual growth rate of 5.5%. Approximately 70% of its revenues is from North America and Europe.


With over 90 years of continuous innovation in sensors, Telemecanique Sensors has built a broad portfolio of sensing solutions including high-end limit switches, proximity sensors, and pressure sensors. Its products are used in several fast-growing macro trends such as IoT, Industrial Automation, Industry 4.0 and Infrastructure, including a wide array of applications.


With Telemecanique Sensors’s highly complementary set of products and customers and YAGEO’s years of international M&A and integration experiences, it will propel YAGEO further into the sensor market, especially in the industrial segments, which are the key drivers for future growth. YAGEO will be able to continue to capture the content share per box among the customers and further simplify supply chain management process to create value and convenience.