XSemi carves out IC and SiC product lines to speed up Hon Hai and YAGEO’s strategic partnership on semiconductor development


Hon Hai Technology Group (TWSE: 2317 TW; “Hon Hai”) and YAGEO Group (TWSE: 2327 TW; “YAGEO”) today jointly announced that XSemi Corporation (“XSemi”), the semiconductor joint venture of the two companies, will transfer its IC (integrated circuit) and SiC (Silicon Carbide) product and module business to Hon Hai’s newly set up IC design subsidiary for an all-cash consideration of NT$204 million. Along with the transaction, the two major shareholders will adjust the shareholding structure of XSemi with YAGEO and Hon Hai holding 55% and 45%, respectively, of XSemi shares. YAGEO’s Chairman Mr. Pierre Chen will be elected as the Chairman of XSemi Corporation.


XSemi is a joint venture established in 2021, between the largest EMS in the world Hon Hai and the global leading electronic component solution provider YAGEO. It is an IC design company specializing in analog and power semiconductors, mainly focusing on the design, development, and manufacturing of automotive, communication, and industrial power management and discrete devices and modules. With the resources and support of the two major shareholders, XSemi’s team had successfully completed the setup of the team and the environment for product development.


Within 2 years, XSemi start to ship the power management IC and MOSFET products to its computing, consumer, and industrial customers. Moreover, XSemi’s1200V/800A SiC power module was first announced and introduced Hon Hai’s Tech Day in 4Q22. XSemi’s products have successfully entered the design-in phase of the EV supply chain, specifically in powertrain, body control, on board charging, ADAS (advanced driver assistance system), and others. In May 2022, Hon Hai and YAGEO further contributed to XSemi through its new share issuance to participate in domestic MOSFET leader Advanced Power Electronics Co. (TWSE: 8261; APEC)’s private placement, making XSemi APEC’s largest shareholder.


Hon Hai Chairman and CEO Young Liu says “After this shift in strategy, Hon Hai and YAGEO will be able to collaborate on small ICs with a clearer direction. Hon Hai will take over XSemi’s R&D efforts in the past two years in the specified areas, incorporating its auto ICs into our EV solutions through its own reference design. It will not only contribute to Hon Hai’s cost effectiveness but more importantly to offer differentiation against its competitors to create values and further satisfy our auto customers.”


Hon Hai’s new IC design subsidiary will obtain XSemi’s IC and SiC product team to accommodate Hon Hai’s timeline for delivering its EV products at the end of 2023. After the transfer, this new entity will integrate closely with the related divisions within Hon Hai to co-develop its new EEA (electrical/electronic architecture) solutions.


YAGEO Chairman Pierre Chen states “through this new strategic development after the carve-out, we have refined YAGEO and Hon Hai’s strategic focus on semiconductor, which will in turn optimize the resources to push XSemi to a different level. With further focus on MOSFET development, it will also be another important milestone for YAGEO to expand its footprint in active components.”


After the transfer of IC and SiC products and modules, YAGEO Chairman Mr. Pierre Chen has now become the Chairman of both XSemi and APEC. This will fortify the strategic partnership between XSemi and APEC, enhancing the product comprehensiveness of both parties in the MOSFET field. With YAGEO’s extensive global sales network, the existing market for the MOSFETs in consumer electronics in Asia Pacific will be able to expand to customers in high-end and premium markets in Europe, US, and Japan.