With over 40 years excellence in the electronic component industry. YAGEO continue to explore new growth opportunities for the company and for the employees. We have our unique corporate DNA which is called – YAGEO True colors.

YAGEO True Colors

Our core values for YAGEO employees to follow are Speed, Innovation, Efficiency and Flexibility.

  • Speed – The essence of time-to-market services
  • Innovation – The foundation of a dynamic future
  • Efficiency – The continuous search for “best practices”
  • Flexibility – An organic ability to adapt to change

These values are also the basis on which we build the trust and integrity that will allow our business to continue to succeed.


Training & Development

We are always looking for talents with passion. YAGEO not only employs talented people, but is also offering abundant on-the-job training and self-development opportunities to enhance the leadership and capabilities of our staff.

These training and development programs facilitate employee’s growth and fulfill their career path.

Life at YAGEO

At YAGEO, we encourage employees to achieve a balance between work and life. The company provides a friendly working environment for employees to establish their professionalism, pursue career advancement, maintain sound minds and bodies, and participate in recreational activities.


Employee Compensation & Benefits

YAGEO considers employees as the most important assets of the company. We offer a competitive total package to reward and retain good performance employees. Annual salary raises are based on company’s profitability, and individual employee performances.

Other than statutory labor insurance, national health insurance and monthly pension contribution, YAGEO also provides group insurance for employees and their family.