Social Responsibility Statement

RBA (Responsible Business Alliance)

  • To ensure labor’s obligations and rights, YAGEO sets up regulations and system according to Labor Standards Act.
  • YAGEO fully complies with “Gender Equality in Employment Law” and labor related applicable obligations in Labor Standards Act. YAGEO prohibits sex, race, religious belief, age, marital status, disability, and nationality discrimination.
  • YAGEO does not employ child labor whose age is below 16 and avoid enforced labor according to company employment policy.
  • YAGEO respects the human rights, complies with “Gender Equality in Employment Law” and avoids sexual harassment.
  • YAGEO devotes to environmental protection. Our environment policies are implement pollution prevention to comply with the legal requirements, environment-prohibited material disuse and reduction, resources recycling, strive for business sustainable development and continue the environmental improvement, establish and implement environmental management system to provide safety and healthy work environment to employee.
Corporate Social Responsibility Report
RBA (Responsible Business Alliance)

In order to promote RBA and implement human rights and social aspects, we create this management manual to manage and implement efficiently.
YAGEO commits to follow below guidelines:

  • Prevent occupational injury and illness.
  • Committed to uphold the human rights of employees, and to treat them with dignity and respect.
  • Prevent occupational injury and illness.
  • Obey the environment Laws and Regulations.
  • Business operation with Ethics conduct.
  • Protect Intellectual Property.
  • Emphasize Continuous Improvement.