The core of industrial electronics can be segmented into power electronics, factory automation, mechatronics and robotics, intelligent systems, measurement and testing and a new technological gamut of quickly growing Internet-based applications.Some of the key drivers today include high compactness, greater integration and flexibility, improved safety, long term reliability, improved energy efficiency, wide connectivity, self diagnostic facilities, and a long operating life.


While passive components like resistors, capacitors and wireless components play a vital role in the electric circuitry of industrial applications, they must meet the following requirements:

  • Technically advanced
  • Wide range of products
  • Robust and highly reliable
  • Long term performance characteristics and stability
  • Long term availability

YAGEO's well known standard series of products, R Chip and MLCC series fulfill every aspect of these requirements. Additionally, YAGEO offers a range of specialized passive components.

Current sensing in power supply components is the second arena of specialized components. These products require low TCR and resistive values down to 0.5milliohm. Current sensing plays an ever increasing role in industrial applications available through the R Chip metal foil and metal plate PE and PA series solutions. For the highest accuracy measurements, YAGEO offers the 4-Terminal Kelvin series.

In applications where vibration and mechanical or thermal stress is a challenge, preventing damage to components is the main purpose delivered by the MLCC CS series with soft terminations.

Of most importance is the protection against electrical shock. Safety to the human factor requires fail-safe solutions. YAGEO delivers the SC series of MLCCs. UL and TUV certified, the SC series offers X1/Y2 and X2/Y3 combinations with the option to replace existing leaded devices with a full SMD solution.

The quickly expanding Machine-to-Machine Industrial applications need versatile components for Wireless Communication in a broad frequency range. The comprehensive YAGEO portfolio in Ceramic, PCB and Metal antennas combined with our customer service in lay-out design and performance measurement decreases the development time for these rapidly evolving markets.

A considerable part of passives in industrial electronic assemblies are still the versatile, reliable and stable leaded resistors. High voltage compatibility is delivered by the HHV Series and where power dissipation is a challenge, the wirewound KNP/PNP series offer their capabilities. AHB/ATH/ATC series are essential aluminum housed resistors that are suggested for DC motor/servo controls and dynamic braking applications.

YAGEO's industrial product lines fully meet RoHS and REACH industry compliancy. Strict production and quality standards serve to create the building blocks for a long product lifetime before obsolescence. YAGEO's complete lineup of products for Industrial applications fulfills all power requirements with greater efficiency, lowered cost, and smaller footprints.

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