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The fast growing global hunger for electricity cannot be met in the future by traditional sources of energy such as coal, oil, and gas, while atomic energy is regarded with reluctance due to its inherent risks and the unsolved problem of nuclear waste.

More energy conservation is one solution, but renewable resources like wind, solar, biomass, thermal, hydro-power, and tidal and wave energy have the potential to solve this global challenge in a fundamental and sustainable manner.

Alternative energy will also change our approach to energy generation. Aside from centralized power plants for the base load and country-wide, high energy transmission lines, small and dedicated units connected to local grids with smart metering systems will soon color the electricity map.

As these applications work in harsh environments plagued with thermal and mechanical stress, vibration, and high humidity, often in remote locations where maintenance is difficult, a very important feature of electronic circuits and components is long-term reliability.

YAGEO offers a comprehensive range of passive components which fulfill the above requirements for the various functions in current and future designs.

High voltage (HV Series) capacitors up to 3kV are perfect in power invertors for wind and solar systems.

MLCCs with soft terminations (CS Series) are designed to prevent damage and cracks in the ceramic body under mechanical, thermal, and vibratory stresses.

Surge resistors (SR Series) can protect sensitive semiconductors against voltage spikes or short pulses from lightning strikes.

Precision thin film (RT Series) resistors provide long term stability at low TCR and very narrow tolerances, which enables exact measurement of consumed energy in smart meter designs.

In circumstances where high humidity and air pollution add further challenges to the application of the thin film resistors, our rugged AT Series can withstand a temperature of 85℃ at 85% relative humidity and is insensitive to degradation by sulfur dioxide, offering the ultimate solution.

Rchips with double and triple power open the possibility of using a smaller case size, saving board space without sacrificing dissipation.

Incorporating YAGEO's wireless solutions in smart meters allows communication of energy usage information between the consumer and utility companies via the Internet and integrates the device in a home computer network.

Wireless devices built into micro-inverters enable individual and remote optimization of each inverter and thus boost the efficiency of the entire solar power system.

Leaded resistors are widely used in this segment where, next to reliability and safety, power performance is very important.

Smart meters contain metal film (MFR series) resistors with low tolerances and low TCR's for accurate energy measurement. Power inverter devices applied in solar equipment and windmills include high voltage (HHV Series), power wirewound (KNP/PNP) and precision metal film (MFP Series) resistors to ensure proper operation.

Very high power (AHA/AHP/AHB Series) leaded resistors are an excellent solution to clean inverter output from undesirable harmonic distortion which pollutes the grid.

All YAGEO passive components are RoHS and REACH compliant.
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