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The exciting world of consumer electronics constantly experiences rapid changes. The traditional stand-alone approach to entertainment, home appliances, and lighting devices has almost disappeared.


Like in other areas in the consumer segment, the Internet of Things is quickly securing its position through a strong integration of functions that are increasingly controlled remotely via mobile gear.

As device functionality increases, smaller electronics and wireless data transmissions replace conventional solutions. YAGEO has a broad portfolio of passive components to cover all present and future requirements.

In game consoles, the extremely small 01005 Rchips and MLCCs and the 4-element arrays efficiently handle limited space on the PCB, even as the number of components increases.

New generations of flat panel displays require large electrolytic capacitors to be replaced by small MLCC high caps (up to 220uF). Thin film resistors also find their place in electronic circuits where accuracy and stability are a must. YAGEO's varistors and ESD suppressors provide the solution to ESD risk.

Environmental conditions, such as humidity and repeated vibrations in washing machines and dishwashers, are met by our MLCCs with soft terminations, while current sensors guarantee efficient operation with minimal energy consumption and accurate power control. The special design of our TUV/UL certified SC Series safety caps prevents electrical shock from the mains in the unlikely event of a ceramic capacitor failure.

The tremendous advancements in LED lighting in public and private communities have changed the requirements for passive components. Conventional fluorescence and HID ballasts mainly use commodity Rchips and MLCCs with high capacitance and high voltage snubber NPO MLCCs.

However, in LED designs, dimmable features and remote control pose new challenges to passive components due to limited space and high temperatures. Sophisticated high caps in X7R and metal foil and plate current sensors as low as 0.5 milliohms efficiently transform the energy into a stable light and color output for LED lamps.

The common element in the aforementioned devices is the wireless transfer. For this reason, YAGEO provides a broad portfolio of ceramic, PCB, and metal antennas in small sizes, high efficiency, and the possibility of customized design.

Leaded resistors are still an important passive product category in most, if not all, of the applications above.

In home appliances, low ohmic (SLR Series) resistors support the efficient use of energy through accurate measurement of the current. Fusible wirewound (FKN Series), high voltage (HHV Series) and high power/flame proof (FMP Series) resistors play a vital role in modern LED design. Even in extremely slim flat panel TV sets, leaded resistors like those in fusible wirewound (FKN), high voltage (HHV) and low ohmic (SLR) series are used on the power supply board where performance, stability and long term reliability are key.

All YAGEO passive components comply with RoHS and REACH regulations.

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