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Computers and peripherals have constituted a well-established and mature area in modern electronics for many years.


For a long time, desktops and laptops with large displays dominated the field as stand-alone equipment, but this has quickly changed. Users are requesting smaller and lighter portable devices, such as tablets, ultra-books and netbooks, with long battery life capable of seamless, wireless communication with peripherals including printers, flat screen TVs, and mobile phones using high speed home or public networks.

The amount of data collected, processed, distributed, and stored today is tremendous and still growing at an incredible speed. To keep pace with this development, large storage systems, like high capacity hard disks and solid state drives for personal use, as well as huge server centers for cloud computing and data storage, are needed.

YAGEO has been a major supplier of passive components to the computer industry for many years.

The growing complexity and decreasing size and weight of devices requires ever more and smaller components. The tiny 01005 Rchips and MLCCs and the 2 and 4-element resistor and capacitor arrays are designed to help reduce board space on the PCB.

Rchips with double or triple power rating open the possibility of decreasing size without sacrificing power dissipation, thus accomplishing the miniaturization of the electronics.

MLCC high-cap with increasing capacitance values help replace the more bulky electrolytic or tantalum capacitors, further improving long term reliability.

Metal foil and metal plate low ohmic resistors with values as low as 0.5 milliohms as well as high voltage MLCCs make their way into ever smaller and more efficient power supplies and disk drives with a long life and high capacity.

Sulfur-resistant thick film Rchips offer a rugged solution to prevent device failure in challenging environmental conditions where the air is polluted by sulfur dioxide. Varistors protect sensitive semiconductor components against damage by excessive transient voltages.

Application of YAGEO's wireless device portfolio include ceramic, metal, and PCB antennas as well as integrated high frequency wireless electronic circuits enables users to seamlessly connect and communicate with the global community via private, local, or public networks.

Although SMD components play the major role in electronics in this segment, leaded resistors are still indispensable where high performance, safety and reliability are the keys. In chargers for tablets and phones, safety (FAE Series) and fusible (FKN) wirewound resistors are vital.

Adapters for laptops contain high voltage (HHV Series), power wirewound (KNP/PNP Series) and metal oxide (RSF Series) leaded parts. Reliability of UPS devices is supported by the application of power wirewound (KNP/PNP series) and precision metal film(MFP series) leaded resistors.

All YAGEO passive components comply with RoHS and REACH regulations.

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