The telecom environment is developing at a tremendous speed and more devices are wirelessly connected by way of the Internet, seamlessly bringing together not only personal electronics such as smart phones, tablets, and computers, but also devices found in homes, cars, and industrial equipment.


The amount of data flooding existing infrastructure is dramatically increasing, posing a growing challenge to base stations, routers, and switches. Standards such as 4G and LTE are now the norm with 5G predicted in 2020.


The rapid developments in the telecom environment have accelerated the trend for ever-smaller and portable devices-smart watches, wearable technology, and personal health care are some examples.


How can product designers meet and stay ahead of market demands? In answer, YAGEO has developed comprehensive passive product offerings from resistors, capacitors, varistors, to wireless components.


By building on its unique strengths, YAGEO is set to deliver the solutions to meet the unrelenting drive for miniaturization-a case in point is the extremely small 01005 case size for Rchip and MLCC. Further optimization of space on the PCB is achieved by integration of discrete components in 2 and 4 element resistors and capacitor arrays, also available in various case sizes.


Current sensors for battery power management in mobile devices can be obtained as small as 0201.


YAGEO's thin film chip resistor series offer a wide resistance range in low TCR precision and tight tolerance, while the current sensor features low TCR and values in the sub-milliohm range. Both series are used in large quantities in base stations where accuracy in signal processing is a critical requirement.


The CQ High Frequency MLCC series has a high Q factor combined with a very low ESR in cases sizes down to 01005, making efficient antenna impedance matching possible and ideal for PA design.


High Caps in X5R ceramic are available up to 220uF for DC/DC conversion, smoothing, and filtering.


YAGEO's multilayer chip varistors are designed to protect increasingly sensitive semiconductors in portable devices from transient voltages, the alternative choice to diode suppressors.


In addition to the resistors and capacitors, our broad portfolio of wireless component antennas and filters enables devices unimpeded access to smart communication standards without sacrificing performance.


Although leaded resistors belong to a very mature area of passives, large quantities still find their way into various telecom applications, such as fusible wirewound (FKN series) and safety wirewound (FAE series) resistors in networking equipment and high power (AHB/ATH/ATC series) resistors in infrastructure.


For telecom applications fully RoHS and REACH compliancy is just the beginning. To fulfill the entire spectrum of market requirements, product designers need only look at YAGEO's extensive lineup specifically designed to meet all aspects of the telecom industry.

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