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Who is Yageo?
Yageo Corporation (TAIEX: 2327 TW) is one of the world's leading manufacturers of passive components, with production and sales facilities in Asia, Europe and the Americas. No.1 in chip resistors, No. 2 in ferrites and No. 4 in multi-layered ceramic capacitors (MLCCs), Yageo commaynds a leading market position in all product groups and is one of the few passive component manufacturers providing a comprehensive range of resistors, capacitors and ferrites.
A low-cost manufacturer with a culture of efficiency, innovation and customer service, the Company has transformed itself through organic growth and acquisitions from a regional resistor player into a global, one-stop-shopping passive components provider.
Yageo's passive components are used in a wide range of electronic devices. Their main function is to regulate, store or alter the electrical voltage or current that flows through these devices. Principal customers for Yageo's resistors, capacitors and ferrite products include leading original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), distributors, and contract equipment manufacturers (CEMs) around the globe.
Yageo is the first passive components enterprise to provide"One-Stop-Shopping"service for all three major product types: resistors, capacitors, and inductors. Yageo is also the first enterprise to establish"Just-In-Time"warehouses that deliver to customers within 24-72 hours, a service level far beyond the ‘monthly delivery' that was standard practice
at Japanese suppliers.
How many employees does Yageo employ worldwide?
Yageo currently employs 9,400 people worldwide.

How long has Yageo been in business?

Incorporated in Taiwan
1993 First domestic passive components maker to list on the Taiwan Stock Exchange
1994 Acquired ASJ - resistor manufacturer in Singapore
1996 Acquired Vitrohm - resistor manufacturer in Germany
2000 Acquired Phycomp and Ferroxcube operations from Royal Philips Electronics N.V. (Philips)
2005 Strategic alliance with Compostar Technology Co., Ltd.
2006 Strategic alliance with Chipcera Technology Co., Ltd.
2007 KKR invest in Yageo as a strategic investor

What are Yageo's competitive strengths?
World Leading Passive Component Company
With a world-class infrastructure, Yageo is an innovative, one-stop-shopping service provider. The Company serves a
premier, diversified customer base across a spread of geographic and end markets. It is also an acknowledged
technology leader with strong e-business initiatives to capture further growth opportunities.
Positioned to Grow Faster than Industry Peers
Yageo has established a solid business strategy to tap into industry growth, supplemented by a well-thought out and carefully executed value-enhancing acquisition and integration strategy. Yageo is lead by a visionary and highly experienced management team.
Stringent Cost Control
Yageo prides itself on being the industry’s lowest-cost producer, enjoying the highest gross margins and continually implementing ongoing initiatives to further improve its efficiencies.
Uniquely Situated in China
China is viewed as one of the fastest growth markets in the next ten years. Yageo, an industry trendsetter and pioneer, is developing a significant foothold it established there in 1996.
What is Yageo's primary business?
Yageo Corporation manufactures an extensive line of precision resistors including leaded resistor ,thin film chip resistor, thick film chip resistor and resistor network, multi-layer ceramic capacitors (MLCCs), and Ferrites.
Yageo Group's resistors and capacitor products are principally marketed under the "Yageo" and "Phycomp" brand names, and its ferrite is principally marketed under the "Ferroxcube" brand name.
What are Yageo's products?
Resistors are essential components in electrical circuits that regulate current or voltage.
There are two basic types of resistors - fixed and variable.
Yageo manufactures only fixed resistors, which can be sub-divided into two broad categories, namely surface mount devices (SMD) and leaded resistors.
SMD refers to thick-film and thin-film chip resistors that are attached directly to the surface of circuit boards, whereas, leaded resistors are attached to circuit boards by inserting and soldering tabs through such boards.
Capacitors are electrical components that store energy momentarily when charged by an active component. In electrical circuits, capacitors provide a filtering function.
Capacitors are generally classified according to the type of material used in the dielectric or insulating layer. On this basis, capacitors can be split into four broad categories:1. Ceramic, 2. Film, 3. Tantalum, 4. Electrolytic. Yageo manufactures MLCC.
Ferrite is the intermediate material to produce inductor.
Who are Yageo's competitors?
The market for discrete electronic passive components is relatively concentrated and is dominated by a small number of leading players with global operations.
Ranked by market share, Yageo is currently No. 1 in chip resistors, No. 3 in ferrites and No. 3 in MLCCs.
Chip Resistors *** Yageo, Rohm, KOA, Matsushita, Vishay, Kamaya
Ferrites TDG, DMEGC, Ferroxcube (Yageo), TDK, ACME , EPCOS
MLCCs Murata, TDK, Yageo, Taiyo Yuden, SEMCO, AVX/Kyocera
When does Yageo's fiscal year end?
Yageo's fiscal year is based on the calendar year. Our fiscal year ends December 31. Our quarterly calendar is as follows:
Q1 January 1 - March 31
Q2 April 1 - June 30
Q3 July 1 - September 30
Q4 October 1 - December 31
How can I obtain a copy of Yageo's annual report?
Go to Financial Information to download latest Yageo annual report
Where can I find historical financial information about Yageo?
Go to Financial Information
When is Yageo's Annual Shareholders' Meeting?
Ordinary meetings of shareholders are generally held in Taipei, Taiwan, within the first six months after the end of each fiscal year. For more information, please go to Shareholders meeting .
What exchange does Yageo's stock trade on?
Yageo's ordinary common shares have been listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange since 1993.
What is Yageo's ticker symbol?
Yageo's ticker symbol on the TAIEX is 2327 TW.
Does Yageo shares trade on any other stock exchanges?
Yageo GDRs (global depositary receipts) have been listed for trading on the Societe de la Bourse de Luxembourg S.A. (Luxembourg Stock Exchange) since September 1994. Each GDR represents five common shares.
Where can I obtain Yageo's current stock price?
Go to Stock Info
Where can I obtain historical price information about Yageo's shares?
Go to Stock Info
Whom should I contact with questions about my Yageo share account or to change my shareholder account address?
Please contact Masterlink Securities Corporation: Tel: +886-2-2325-3800
How many Yageo shares are outstanding?
As of Dec. 31, 2009, Yageo had approximately 2.19 billion common shares outstanding.
Does Yageo have any preferred stock?
Yageo does not currently have any preferred shares outstanding.
How can I buy Yageo stock?
As Yageo does not currently have a direct stock purchase plan, you can buy shares by contacting a brokerage firm
Is Yageo planning to pay a stock dividend or a stock split in 2010?
2010 Annual General Shareholders' Meeting resolved to distribute a NT$0.15 cash dividend per common share.
Where is Yageo located?
Yageo's Headquarters are located at:
3F, 233-1, Bao Qiao Road, Hsin Tien, Taipei, Taiwan R.O.C.
TEL +886-2-6629-9999
FAX +886-2-6628-8886
How can I contact Yageo's Investor Relations Department?
Investor Relations Department
TEL: +886-2-6629-9999 Ext. 3456 / 3769
How can I submit feedback or other questions to Yageo's Investor Relations department?

Go to Feedback where you can submit your questions and comments to Yageo's Investor Relations department.