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X2Ys are multi-layer ceramic devices which can be used for common-mode or decoupling filtering. Ultra low ESL allows for superior data-line filtering.








Cap. Min.

Cap. Max.


X2Y X2Y 0603 X5R -55℃~85℃ 10V 180nF 470nF
X2Y X2Y 1206 X7R -55℃~125℃ 10V 470nF 470nF
X2Y X2Y 0603 X7R -55℃~125℃ 10V 100nF 100nF
X2Y X2Y 0805 X7R -55℃~125℃ 10V 180nF 180nF
X2Y X2Y 0805 X7R -55℃~125℃ 16V 47nF 100nF
X2Y X2Y 1210 X7R -55℃~125℃ 16V 820nF 1000nF
X2Y X2Y 0603 X7R -55℃~125℃ 16V 39nF 56nF
X2Y X2Y 1206 X7R -55℃~125℃ 16V 180nF 390nF
X2Y X2Y 0603 X7R -55℃~125℃ 25V 15nF 22nF
X2Y X2Y 0805 X7R -55℃~125℃ 25V 39nF 39nF
X2Y X2Y 1210 X7R -55℃~125℃ 25V 100nF 560nF
X2Y X2Y 0603 X7R -55℃~125℃ 50V 10nF 10nF
X2Y X2Y 1206 X7R -55℃~125℃ 50V 10nF 100nF
X2Y X2Y 0805 X7R -55℃~125℃ 50V 15nF 22nF
X2Y X2Y 0805 X7R -55℃~125℃ 100V 1nF 10nF
X2Y X2Y 0603 X7R -55℃~125℃ 100V 1nF 5.6nF

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