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Design-in Services

As the leading passive component service provider, Yageo confidently offers customization services to world-leading solution providers. Yageo benefits our clients, our partners, through our innovative technology, collaborative design, flexible manufacturing, quality assurance, global services and product lifecycle support etc.

Our focused approach to design-in service is the result of years of product development on hundreds of projects. Our work with the top OEMs in multiple markets has provided us with a strong knowledgebase that enables us to quickly design the superior solutions you need. As a result of our commitment to innovative thinking and advanced design.

Engineering competence, speed, and timely supports are critical success factors for product developments. With solid expertise and well experienced professionals, Yageo provides total solutions and collaborates closely with your team throughout the entire product development cycle to contribute to the success of your products.

Local support of clients’ needs is a critical part of our business success. We have built a global network of strategically located design centers that put us physically closer to our customers. As a result, we can work more closely with our clients’ design teams and help them get to market more quickly. Each design team includes functional experts with the background and experience to help you avoid problems in the design process. We also manage each project carefully to ensure timelines are met and any issues are addressed early.