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Online Services (B2B)

Yageo online services (B2B) provides a professional online shop for resistors and capacitors. Through our B2B website, customer Information, Order Management, Payment Service and Online Support are clearly demonstrated.

You can easily create an order by entering information online, or by uploading files without any limitation of time zone difference.

Online Services Homepage

Being registered as Yageo online services (B2B) customers, you are entitled the prioritized services as follows:

  • Orders are fulfilled by the first priority
  • Transparent information of Pricing/MOQ/Available Stock
  • Active parts are created for order placing; moreover, add-on items are also available by request
  • Orders are confirmed within 24 hours after order placing
  • Order status is updated by real-time base; furthermore, reminders of each step of your orders are also sent to your registered email address
  • Shipment tracking information is also available and shipping documents (invoice & packing list) can be downloaded once goods are shipped

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