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Global Logistics

Worldwide orders, local delivery

With Our Global Reach, We Provide Prompt Local Delivery

To accelerate time-to-market for your products in a more efficient way, you may rely on Yageo's global logistics supports through our regional services network. With well-established worldwide facilities – 38 branch offices, 6 Just-In-Time (JIT) warehouses, and 19 manufacturing sites, Yageo's Logistics Services provide end-to-end solutions for your logistics needs.

Yageo's unique logistics platforms, including customer's demand planning systems, collaborative working models, and automated warehousing operations, etc., allow you to better estimate and control your logistics expenses for operational efficiency improvements. Meanwhile, Yageo has established multiple regional services centers based in your area, helping you respond to your customer's various requests in a timely manner.

As your most reliable business partner, Yageo continues to develop and offer innovative services to contribute to the success of your business.

38 Sales/Service Offices in 18 countries

Yageo has established five business centers to oversee operations in five major geographic regions, with Taipei headquarters guiding overall enterprise global logistics in the production capacity, finance, and administration areas. Regional headquarters for China and Asia Pacific are in Suzhou and Taipei respectively, has sales offices in Munich, Germany and San Jose, California, USA.

19 Manufacturing Sites

For chip resistors, Yageo has three production bases with production lines at our Kaohsiung Plants #1 and #2, and Suzhou Plant. We also have one back-end packing facility in Dongguan (China). We have three MLCC facilities with production lines at Kaohsiung Plant #3, Kaohsiung Nantze Plant, and Suzhou plant.

Vitrohm of Yageo Group, who produces through hole resistors, runs a factory in Portugal. Pulse Electronics who joined Yageo Group in 2018, has 11 manufacturing sites in China , India, Serbia, Czech Republic & USA.

Kaohsiung Resistor
Kaohsiung Capacitor
Suzhou, China
Dongguan, China