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Wireless Components Overview

Yageo has comprehensive antenna product portfolio which offers customers one-stop-shopping. Yageo’s antenna products include PCB/FPCB antennas, metal antennas, ceramic patch antennas, ceramic chip antennas, and active antennas that address WWAN (3G and LTE), WLAN/BT/ISM, GNSS, and Sub-GHz/short-range technologies. Applications cover consumer devices, automotive electronics (infotainment and telematics), industrial surveillance, smart-meters, smart homes, and wireless networking.

Yageo also offers LTCC integrated components, e.g. balun, filter, balanced filter, and diplexer/triplexer, which combine multiple discrete circuits into one compact package.

With innovative designs and a strong engineering capacity, Yageo offers high performance and compact designs for antenna and filter products.

Manufacturing Process

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