Business Overview

Yageo made fundamental transformation throughout the organization in the past few years. As we continue into 2013, we’re excited by the incredible opportunities ahead.

Yageo is pursuing continuous growth by the following five main strategies:
  • Enhance product mix and customer profile to optimize sales revenue growth and profitability
  • Streamline operations (standardize/automate) and improve efficiency
  • Progress toward a high performance organization.
  • Fully engage in adjacent technologies & reposition Yageo in the markets
  • Implement collaborative sales management and leverage corporate level of resources and relationship

Yageo is expected to continuously improve profitability and create a three-way win for the corporation, employees and shareholders by our strong penetration and deployment in the China market, Strict cost control approaches, leading position in commodity, the in-depth segmentation strategy backed with R&D resources, etc.

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