Training & Development

Yageo not only employs talented people, but is also focusing its energies on enhancing the leadership and capabilities of our staff. Yageo is offering opportunities for people to grow evenly by enhancing the value of the organization, improving their leadership skills and work capabilities through our management training programs.

The Yageo University consists of three categories, including:

  • The Commercial School; starting from the fundamentals of product knowledge, sales skills and progressing to the advanced level.
  • The Supply Chain and Manufacturing School; the target audience is factory workers who posses core technology.
  • Managerial School: mainly to reinforce advanced management concepts and leadership skills.
  • Working at Yageo

    At Yageo, we believe the happiest, most productive employees are the people who achieve a balance between the demands of work and non-work related activities. Employees work to establish priorities, pursue career aspirations, maintain sound minds and bodies, and participate in recreational activities.

    The salary structure at Yageo is superior to the industry average. Annual salary raises are based on salary changes in the industry, productivity at Yageo, and individual employee performances.
    Yageo offers employees a wide range of benefits. These include:
    • Employee cafeteria
    • Group insurance
    • Tour allowance from Employee Welfare Committee
    • Incentive and festival bonuses

    Working Environment
    Yageo also strives to provide a safe and comfortable working environment for employees. These include:
    • Safe and clean working environment
    • Friendly safety guards within factories