Environment and Safety

Environmental Policy

Clean Production and Sustainable Environmental Protection
  • Establish and implement environmental management system.
  • Implement pollution prevention to comply with the legal requirements.
  • Strive for business sustainable development and continue the environmental improvement.
  • Encourage all employees to involve environmental protection activities.
  • Implement energy saving and waste minimization; strengthen resources recycling and reuse ; reduce and disuse environment-prohibited material.

Safety and Health Policy

High quality of safety workplace, high security of labor health
  • In order to safeguard Worker health and safety-oriented, continuous monitoring of safety and health performance in order to reduce risks at work, to the prevention of injury.
  • Regular checks and regulations and strengthen the on-site inspection, indeed comply with the safety regulations and other requirements of health-related matters.
  • Through audits and management reviews,by PDCA model, continuing to enhance safety and health performance.
  • Full part in shaping practical experience related to health and safety, the implementation of the Occupational Safety and Health Management System as a whole the operation.
  • Consultation and participation of commitment workers and their workers'representatives.