Environment and Safety

Environmental Policy

Clean Production and Sustainable Environmental Protection
  • Establish and implement environmental management system.
  • Implement pollution prevention in compliance with the legal requirements.
  • Strive for business sustainable development and continue the environmental improvement.
  • Mobilize all employees to be fully engaged in environmental protection activities.
  • Implement energy saving and waste minimization; strengthen resources recycling and reuse; phase out or reduce the use of environmental hazardous materials in production.

Safety and Health Policy

High quality of safety workplace, high security of labor health
  • Have its business activities conducted in such a way to protect the health and safety of its employees, and to minimize any adverse effects on the environment.
  • Implement working practices, which will prevent personal injury and damage to property.
  • Limit the potential to cause harm from know hazardous process by maintaining safe system of work, and by planning for emergencies which may reasonably be foreseen.
  • Involve its employee in carrying out the policy, and make them aware of their own responsibility for the health and safety of themselves and others.
  • Provide appropriate training to ensure the competence of staff who advise on occupation health, safety and environmental matters.
  • Secure the maximum benefit from our own experiences within the concern in dealing with health and safety hazards for the good of the business as a whole.