Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility Statement

  • To ensure labor’s obligations and rights, Yageo sets up regulations and system according to Labor Standards Act.
  • Yageo fully complies with “Gender Equality in Employment Law” and labor related applicable obligations in Labor Standards Act. Yageo prohibits sex, race, religious belief, age, marital status, disability, and nationality discrimination.
  • Yageo does not employ child labor whose age is below 16 and avoid enforced labor according to company employment policy.
  • Yageo respects the human rights, complies with “Gender Equality in Employment Law” and avoids sexual harassment.
  • Yageo devotes to environmental protection. Our environment policies are implement pollution prevention to comply with the legal requirements, environment-prohibited material disuse and reduction, resources recycling, strive for business sustainable development and continue the environmental improvement, establish and implement environmental management system to provide safety and healthy work environment to employee.

RBA (Responsible Business Alliance)

In order to promote RBA and implement human rights and social aspects, so create this management manual to manage and implement efficiently.
Yageo commits to follow below guidelines:
  • Prevent occupational injury and illness.
  • Committed to uphold the human rights of employees, and to treat them with dignity and respect.
  • Prevent occupational injury and illness.
  • Obey the environment Laws and Regulations.
  • Business operation with Ethics conduct.
  • Protect Intellectual Property.
  • Emphasize Continuous Improvement.

Corporate Social Responsibility Report

As a good corporate citizen, Yageo has always fully committed itself to its corporate social responsibilities. We continue to share our efforts in strengthening employee and supplier relations, corporate governance, business ethics, social contribution, and environmental protection. We care for the earth and the next generation by providing a healthy living environment. These are cornerstones of Yageo’s business and our commitment to sustainable development.

Current Development of Yageo's Site Based in Roermond

With regard to inquiries and reports about Yageo's property in Roermond, the company would like to clarify the status and our continuous efforts as below.

Yageo Corporation discontinued its operations and productions in Roermond in 2005. The company has been spending Euro $200,000+ every year to maintain the environment of the site and the neighboring areas since then. Yageo constantly takes care of the property to ensure the environment is well maintained. The efforts include daily patrolling, utility / electricity / heating system maintenance, water and soil conservation, weeding, and snow shoveling, etc. We also hire one local property management company based in Roermond dedicated to maintaining the property. The company has devoted quite a lot of resources and efforts to carry out its commitment to the local community.

Since Yageo's operations were discontinued, the nine hectare land has been under-utilized with limited usages. While the land, under industrial zone, is only allowed to be used for manufacturing purposes, changing the use of the property is restricted. In order to revitalize the property, Yageo has been proactively and continuously communicating with the local municipality to work out reasonable solutions with full scale development plans. However, the progression appears to be limited, as the local municipality has had no plan yet to develop the property.

In the past, Yageo received a few proposals, suggesting renting very small portions of the land for industrial related uses, from time to time. We did not accept those offers, as splitting the entire land into several small pieces will make it more difficult to manage and it is not meaningful to the neighborhood.

Being a public company, Yageo is willing to provide its best efforts to participate in the development of the community in Roermond as well as be responsible to its shareholders. Yageo will continue to work with the local municipality and any potential interested developers to develop a win-win solution, providing a mutual benefit to the community and the company.

Further Clarification Regarding Yageo's Site Based in Roermond

Yageo has learned that there have been a few more reports from the local community regarding our site in Roermond. We appreciate the attention and would like to further clarify the issues as follows:

1) According to Yageo's records as far back as Year 2006, Yageo has never asked for any price for selling out the property or assigned any realtors to dispose the property. Yageo is still working on our own to continuously look into opportunities to collaborate with potential partners for full range developments that can fully maximize the value of the property and benefit the neighborhood. Moreover, Yageo has never advertised any sales information of the property in the public. Any sales advisements / propaganda in the public are purely promoted by unknown realtors / real estate developers on their own behaviors without informing Yageo. Yageo strongly urges those realtors / property developers to discontinue promoting the sales messages on behalf of Yageo. Yageo reserves all legal rights against any misrepresented information.

2) Yageo has been spending efforts to understand and resolve the pollution issues since we took over the site from Phillips. When Yageo took over the site in Year 2000, we had limited knowledge about the pollution which was done by our predecessor. In Year 2000, 2005, and 2010 respectively, we hired a third party who was a well reputable and professional environmental testing and consulting company in Holland to do the physical field tests. It said repeatedly that the pollution was contained within certain areas and fully controlled with no possibility and fears of spreading out. On top of that, the pollution only occurred in a tiny portion of the total land.

3) Yageo has an acquisition cost of the property on book which was literally paid to the predecessor. Yageo is a publicly listed company with more than 120,000 shareholders worldwide and European / US institutional investors account for more than 50%. We are responsible for our shareholders' interests. We are continuously looking into a balance point for benefitting both local community's interests and our shareholders' value.

Yageo would like to emphasize again that we are willing to continue to work with the local municipality and any potential interested developers to come up with full scale development plans for the property, creating a win-win situation for both local community and the company.